Prive Land Banking a strategic investment fund focused on identifying and acquiring land and under improved property with sound fundamentals for long-term development. Through various investment vehicles, Prive Land Banking acquires its equity positions through all levels of the capital stack. Assets are held as value add opportunities intended for divestiture into development entities which are either wholly owned, partially owned, or fully divested from the group’s portfolio.


Prive Consulting Group a specialized real estate investement consulting company providing a variety of services. Prive Consulting Group brings its diversified experience as an owner/developer to assist its clients in; acquisition, asset management, financial services & capital markets, construction coordination, landlord-tenant representation, and owner representation.


Kielki Corporation provides custom tailored asset management services for its clients which vary in range and complexity to suit their needs accordingly. Ultimetly, Keilki Corporation serves to sustain and improve economic, operational, and physical condition of its clients assets as a surrogate owner. We provide intuitive advisory on short and long term requirements in capital expenditure, property management and leasing, capital stack, as well as construction and development  to allow our clients to achieve their investment expectations and long term goals. Kielki Corporation establishes an agreed set of objectives and strategies for clients to; ensure compliance by tenants, protect and enhance investment value, minimize risk exposure, maintain good tenant relationships, provide property evaluation, and optimally position assets to highest and best use.


Prive Entertainment Group an investment company focusing on the acquisition and management of hospitality brands such as Miss Yip Chinese Café, Buck 15, Bamboo Bar and others.


CK Prive Group primarily focused on development, CK Prive Group is the group’s vehicle for all aspects of bringing assets to full value. As a development company, CK Prive Group brings assets from initial investment to fully developed and re-developed projects. CK Prive Group is a private equity family office that brings its resources in not only experience, but access to capital and resources vital for project success.


Privetel a telecommunications business with multi-million dollar revenues specializing in pre-paid communication products and services spanning: distribution, marketing and Virtual Platform, quality and management controls. The operation was successfully sold to Telefonica in a multi-million dollar buyout.